Itzza Pizza


 Itzza Pizza
  2825 University Avenue
  (In the IHOP parking lot)
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Gumby’s Pizza is now home to Itzza Pizza. Many more pizza and menu options for you to choose from with affordable prices. I know you guys loved the World famous Pokey Stix from Gumby's. Gumby's is gone, but the legend lives on as Itzza Pizza delivers the cheesy buttery goodness that is the Itzza Stix with Garlic Butter and our special Itzza Sauce til 3am every night of the week. Just call 608-233-3500 or order online (Bread Stix with Cheese) at Itzza Pizza and take a 14" Itzza Stix to the after party for just $8.99.....and  don't forget the Pepperoni Rolls and Wings. See you at the party!!!.

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